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She won an Olympic gold medal in 1996 in Atlanta and a silver medal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

Sure, yesterday our beloved Team USA (sorry, rest of the world) fell to the mighty Swedes (but congrats, Sweden).

But why not since they have this great resource in a quality player like Sinclair. They can figure out what to do without her when she retires which won't be for years. Alright, who do we have in the gay column for Team Canada. She pings hard for me as well as Sophie Schmidt even though she is from the bible belt of Canada.

GAY: Christine Sinclair Except Sinclair loves Canada and being Canadian way too much for that.

Sinc scored two last night against Costa Rica and had a great assist to Kaylyn Kyle.

I like that she's taking on more of a playmaking role now although now it just seems like even more of the attack goes through her.

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