Matt czuchry alexis bledel dating 2016

While plot details from the revival have mostly been kept under wraps, we do know that all three of Rory’s exes are returning to the show.

But for those who want a retreat from reality in order to spend time in this beautiful little Brigadoon of a town, where a scheme to install a new sewer system is one of the most pressing issues on the local agenda, these “Gilmore Girls” episodes will feel like a warm blanket on a cold winter night.

She may very well end up with someone else entirely, given that the revival will comprise of four movie-length episodes, providing plenty of time for Rory to meet and fall in love with a new person.

Until the series returns (Netflix has yet to announce a release date), all we can do is wonder about Rory's romantic future—except for members of Team Dean.

Well, older isn’t exactly the right word—it’s that she looks much more grown up now. We know what Melissa Mc Carthy looks like—we see her on TV and in movies all the time.

18-year-old Alexis would never have worn bright red lipstick, but 34-year-old Alexis is Pulling. So when we stopped and looked back at a picture of her from a decade and a half ago, we suddenly realized how truly incredible her transformation from budding actress to Hollywood leading lady has been.

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