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Each film that investigates important social issues earns one point.

Every film where it isn’t clear whether the movie is a drama or a comedy earns two points.

But what’s the Sundance-iest movie of Sundance 2017? Here’s how we’re scoring: Every film that features an actor trying to switch up their image (say, a dramatic actor going comedic, or a comedic actor going dramatic) earns one point.

Wrestling with raising 11 children, gender bias, union defeat and victory, and nearly dying after a San Francisco Police beating, Dolores emerges with a vision that connects her newfound feminism with racial and class justice. All are shocked when 52-year-old Manana decides to move out from her parents’ home and live alone. A., Syria, Czech Republic (Director: Evgeny Afineevsky) — This documentary attempts to recontextualize the European migrant crisis and ongoing hostilities in Syria, through eyewitness and participant testimony. It’s a story about unconditional love and finding the courage to be yourself. (Artist: Danfung Dennis) — We take viewers on a transcendent exploration into the devastating consequences of climate change on Greenland’s ice sheet. What takes place next makes perfect use of the VR format. Cast: Daniel Ashley Pierce, Kyle Wills, Julene Renee, Cyntia Domenzain, Angel Van Stark, Phoebe Van Cleefe. Lately, Ted and the Awful Truth gang have been very generous with telling us who has and has not been a Blind Vice subject. and the most newly updated Blind Vice Super Star gallery from May 2011!We have been digging up archives and trying to figure out who belongs with what vice. Britney Spears = Ivana Belch Billy Bob Thornton = Butch Spit-Spat Doug Reinhardt = Dexter Lecter Andy Dick = Fart-Coif Cretin Lance Bass = Chump Dump Faye Dunaway = Sheila Muff-Driver Teri Hatcher = Death-Mint Myrtle David Duchovny = Sylvester Slimeball Ted Casablanca = Pete Priss-Ass Scott Baio = Day-old Dumbo Carson Kressly = Flamboyant Floyd Sigouney Weaver = Sahara Moxie Jo Frost (Supernanny) = Brood-Zilla Clump-Butt (*see contradiction in lists below) Jesse Metcalfe = Wendell Waxer Seth Mac Farlane = Mooney Tuna Lea Michele = Pat Poisonpuss Robin Leach = Moisty Mohr Elizabeth Taylor = Margarita Screwed-Em-All Kirkland Dogmatic = Zachary Quinto Teddy Big-Treat = Jonathan Groff Jude Law - Jake Fake Jake Gyllenhaal - Toothy Tile Rumer Willis - Ooma Offspring Paris Hilton - Slurpa Pop-Off Nicole Richie - Pixie Mixie Lindsay Lohan - Morgan Mayhem Heidi Montag - Hilly Ho-Tox Miley Cyrus - Me-Me Dallas Justin Bieber - Wilby Whiskers Alec Baldwin - Lloyd Boy-Toyed Nevis Divine - Robert Pattinson Nelly Fang - Alexander Skarsgard Parrish Maguire - Taylor Lautner Jackie Bouffant - Zac Efron Chet Chick-Muncher - Viggo Mortensen (under dispute) either Drew Smolder 'n' Such or Kelly Guten-Shoes - Ian Somerhalder Priscilla Desert - Taylor Swift Polly Luscious Locks - Amanda Seyfried Teddy O'Bong - Dominic Monaghan Aaron Carter (as of 9/21/11) Adam Levine (as of 2/18/12, 4/30/12, 6/7/12) (* see list below) Adrien Brody (once, back when he was interesting, as of 6/9/10, “just a supporting player” 2/27/12) Alec Baldwin (as of 4/13/10, 8/25/10, 6/3/11, 8/22/11, 1/31/12, 7/2/12) Alexander Skarsgard (as of 3/29/10, 5/23/10, 7/7/11 “he’s unafraid in the sexiest way possible and doesn't care who notices”, 7/26/11; 11/15/11, 2/22/12, 6/1/12) (*see list below) Amanda Seyfried (as of 12/4/10, 7/29/11, 8/5/11, 10/26/11) (* see list below) Anderson Cooper (as of 10/1/09, 11/25/09) Angelina Jolie ( as of March '09, 9/11/09, 6/16/11, 11/14/11, 1/16/12) Anna Paquin (as of 6/21/11) (* see list below - contradiction) Annette Bening (as of 11/4/10) Antonio Banderas (had a statue made of a certain body part; with Melanie Griffith - as of Aug '09) Arnold Schwarzenegger (as of 5/17/11, pre-Maria days, and not about womanizing) Ashlee Simpson (as of 2/10/11) Ashley Greene (as of 9/28/10, 5/17/11, 7/14/11 “it’s very liberal, quite sensual”; 1/20/12) Ashton Kutcher (as of 8/31/09, 9/11/09, 3/24/10, 9/27/10, 12/6/10, 8/23/11, 12/10/11) Ben Affleck (as of 10/15/10 - separate from Jennifer Garner's/not as a couple; 10/21/10 involves sex, 12/4/11) Benicio Del Toro (as of 11/11/09) Benjamin Millepied (as of 8/1/11) Blake Lively (as of 12/3/10, 5/26/11, stars in her own 7/2/11, 9/13/11, 1/10/12, 2/7/12, 3/9/12) Bradley Cooper (as of Feb '09 and as of 9/5/09, 9/11/09, 3/12/10, 9/15/10, 6/2/11, 12/14/11, 12/23/11) Brad Pitt (as of 1/7//09 Ted says he has been twice, also 9/11/09, says "oldie but goodie" 12/21/09, 11/14/11) Britney Spears (in BV gallery 9/11/09, hints that it is one that is not revealed yet - a new one besides Ivana Belch, also 3/12/10; “offender from years past” 8/16/11) Brittany Murphy (as of 12/22/09, 3/19/12) Cameron Diaz (as of 6/11/10, 1/20/12) Chace Crawford (as of July '09, 9/11/09, says it's recent in 2009 - 9/23/09, 9/13/11; 11/22/11, 1/10/12) Chad Michael Murray (as of 12/5/11 “awhile back”) Charlie Sheen (as of 3/4/10, 1/14/11, 2/7/11) Charlize Theron (as of 5/14/12, “recent” as of 6/12/12) (* see list below) Christian Bale (“hardly Vice-free” as of 12/15/11) Christina Aguilera (not recently, as of 8/7/10; not as of late 1/26/11) Christina Ricci (as of 2/1/12) Chris Brown (as of 5/2/12) (* see list below) Chris Pine (as of 1/5/11 - wasn't the main vicer, 9/2/11 has a moniker) (* see list below) Cindy Crawford (as of 9/5/11, 6/12/12) Colin Farrell (as of 2/6/09) Daniel Craig (involved sex; as of 10/29/10) David Beckham (as of 9/11/09, 2/13/09, 9/15/10, 9/27/10, 1/11/11) David Boreanaz (temper-related, as of 12/4/09; on 5/5/10 states it involved cheating on his wife; 5/17/10 sex; temper were involved, his wife was not given an alias; 7/24/10; 10/6/10; 4/27/12) David Duchovny (as of 6/3/11) (SEE LIST OF REVEALED BVs ABOVE) David Fincher (“a cameo of sorts, MJ, with a sexy Vice star, though his guest-starring role isn't very sexy at all”) as of 4/4/12 David Schwimmer (as of 9/11/09, 7/14/10, most shocking of Friends cast 5/3/12) Dax Shepard (as of 6/24/10, 9/18/10, 2/1/12) Demi Lovato (as of 3/13/12, 5/3/12) (* see list below) Demi Moore (as of 3/24/10; then "not in the last 6 months" on 8/28/10; "hardly damaging" as of 3/21/11) Diane Lane (as of 11/4/10) Dianna Agron (as of 5/17/11; “shocking and there was another individual involved” 10/25/11; “a thing of the past” 12/19/11; 3/21/12, 3/22/12, 6/13/12) (*See list below) Dominic Monaghan (as of 10/21/10) (* see list below, re: Lost cast) Ed Westwick (as of 9/13/11; 9/19/11 was before Chace Crawford had one; 9/21/11 has to do with sex appeal) (* see list below) Elizabeth Banks (as of 12/1/10, 12/15/11, 2/21/12, 6/4/12) Elizabeth Taylor ("not too long ago" as of 5/12/11, 2/1/12) (* REVEALED, see list of exposed bv's above) Elton John (as of 5/13/11) Eva Longoria (as of 8/25/10; 11/19/10 - "teamed up with Tony for one of our favorite vices"; 3/13/12) Evan Rachel Wood (as of 6/16/11) Ewan Mc Gregor (as of 10/16/09, 4/8/10) George Clooney (as of April '09, 9/19/09, as of 6/24/11 “tres juicy, an older one; 9/15/11; 11/22/11, 11/24/11, 1/16/12,6/12/12) Gerard Butler (“a juicy one” as of 8/23/11; “an older one” as of 8/26/11, appeared in decade from 2000-2010 as of 8/31/11; “no extra vice” 1/3/12; 2/27/12) ( * see list below) Gwyneth Paltrow (ages ago, as of 12/3/09; 11/4/10, 1/4/12) Halle Berry (as of 1/11/12, “a really juicy one” 3/6/12) Harvey Weinstein (has had a supporting role in one, as of 2/16/11) Hayden Christensen ( as of 5/19/09, 9/11/09, 6/21/10, 9/15/10, 9/30/11, 2/15/12) Hayden Panettiere (as of, and again 9/11/09, 5/17/11) Heath Ledger (as of 3/29/10 - involved sex and drugs; 4/2/12) Hugh Jackman (as of 1/5/10, 1/18/10, 8/16/11, 1/27/12) Ian Somerhalder (as of 9/20/10; on 9/22/10 states doesn't involve sexy biz with costars; 12/6/10, 10/26/11; involves Paul Wesley, as of 10/31/11, 2/7/12, 2/8/12 same one as Nina D and Paul W) (*see list below) Jada Pinkett Smith (as of 1/16/12) Jake Gyllenhaal ( as of 6/18/07, 9/5/07, 9/11/09, 10/6/09, 11/25/09, 12/18/09, 8/17/11) James Franco (as of March '09, 9/11/09, 5/10/10, 6/17/10, 12/1/10, "a repeater" 3/21/11; 11/9/11) Jamie Foxx (as of 5/19/09, 9/11/09) Jared Leto (a small one, as of 10/1/10; yes, as of 2/9/11) Jared Padalecki (as of, again 2/10/10, 6/24/11, 8/8/11, 4/16/12) Jason Segel (as of 1/20/11; practically outed himself, a funny one; PG rated 10/12/11; more ancient than Adam Pounce Prick as of 11/17/11; “mild” 3/7/12; “a vanilla one” 4/2/12) (* see list below) Jay Cutler (as of 7/25/11, it was with Kristin Cavallari 7/29/11) JC Chasez (as of 6/16/11) Jennifer Aniston (was given two nicknames in supporting roles, as of 2/18/11; has never had more than one name in the BV annals, as of 2/28/11; as of 4/14/11 "appeared in at least two bvs, but not in a starring role") (* CONTRADICTION; see list below) Jennifer Garner (as of Aug '09 - has dirt on the other Jen; 10/15/10 - separate from Ben Affleck's/not as a couple) * CONTRADICTION – see list below Jennifer Lopez (as of 12/1/10, 12/13/10, 7/18/11, 11/18/11) Jensen Ackles (as of June '09, 3/12/10, 6/24/11, 8/8/11, 4/16/12) Jeremy Piven (as of 5/13/11) Jeremy Renner (as of 6/15/12) * see list below Jesse James (as of 4/12/10, was named in a double-blind with Sandra Bullock) (see Sandra Bullock - CONTRADICTION) Jesse Mc Cartney (as of 9/21/11) Jessica Biel (as of 3/13/12) Jessica Simpson (as of July '09, 10/28/10, 11/16/10; as of 12/3/10 - "stars way-solo in her vice"; 2/4/11 from "a few years ago"; 11/14/11 involved a combo of sex, drugs, and alcohol) Jillian Michaels (as of 1/5/10, 5/12/11, "not too kinky" as of 5/16/11) Joaquin Phoenix (as of 3/7/09) John Mayer (as of Aug '09 and 9/11/09) John Stamos ("ages ago" as of 12/1/09; "one of the sexiest ones" as of 5/12/10, 8/31/11, 9/1/11, “a fan favorite” 2/7/12; “was ages ago…but he made an unnamed appearance in a more recent Vice that was far juicier” 2/8/12) John Travolta (as of 11/16/09, 1/19/09 says "more than once"; 3/12/12) Jonathan Groff (revealed as Teddy Big-Treat) Jonathan Rhys Meyers (is a regular, as of 10/24/09; more sad than intriguing as of 5/20/10) Josh Brolin Josh Duhamel (as of 9/29/09 - before Fergie, 10/31/09, “hell-raiser behind closed doors” 11/14/11) Julia Roberts (as of 9/29/09, it was before she settled down, 1/26/10) Justin Bieber (YES as of 10/8/11, 5/22/12, 6/28/12) (* SEE LIST BELOW) Justin Timberlake (as of 9/11/09, 4/14/10, 6/2/11) Kate Bosworth (as of 4/8/10; “only as a fairly insignificant supporting character” as of 9/7/11; 11/15/11) Katy Perry (as of 5/19/11, 5/26/11, 8/29/11, 1/3/12) ( also see “either Emma Roberts/Katy Perry” in this list) Keanu Reeves (as of May '09; "a while back" 8/30/10; 2/4/11 "was a salivating Vice that would make your nostrils and eyes literally pop!Every film that depicts a dysfunctional family living in Brooklyn earns three points.Every film that makes a stab toward some sort of ineffable “now-ness” earns one point.

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