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A cold sore generally appears as a small, fluid-filled blister which goes through a cycle of phases.

The blister will usually weep (ulcerate) and form a scab or ‘crusting’ before healing and disappearing completely.

Some of the estimated 3,000 Vermont women marching in Washington on Saturday said they had journeyed 500 miles or more with the aim of transforming their anger and despair into affirmation and hope.

“The election result was so negative,” lamented Nina Brundage, an 18-year-old student from Waterbury.

“Yes, we do have pussies, and the hat shows we’re proud of them,” added Gayle Goodwin, a Williston resident who works at National Life Group in Montpelier.

Chants and placards made frequent, defiant reference to female genitalia as rebukes to Trump’s shameless accounts of sexual predation.

This is especially true in women, who may sometimes experience internal herpes outbreaks.

In other words, these symptoms may manifest without being visible or immediately recognizable as herpes.

So even if the symptoms do not immediately seem connected to a herpes infection, there are ways to be cautious.

“But now there’s a positive movement coming out of it.” Jane Barlow of Vergennes added, “I came here for inspiration. This and the rallies for saving the Affordable Care Act are the first time I’ve felt hope since the election.” Susan Schoenfeld cited a similar motivation in traveling from the Queen City to the capital city.

“I needed to be with a large group of people reinforcing my reaction to what has happened,” she said. Organizers said at least half-a-million people — more than double the number anticipated — took part in the spirited, even joyous, demonstration against Donald Trump’s presidency and agenda. Many got caught in a gentle crush near the National Museum of the American Indian — not far from the stage but at an angle that made it impossible to hear the speakers.

That means the blisters and lesions can appear on the cervix or vaginal walls where they could go unnoticed.

The urethra, internal vaginal walls and vulva are all locations where an outbreak may occur without immediately alerting one that they have become infected.

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