Is behkuh still dating hotshotgg

The purpose of this thread is to function like a mini wiki, with major updates cataloguing all the milestones on a monthly basis.

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So be sure to pick your date from the country that matches your requirements. Above here you will find some Swedish sites, see the right menu for other Scandinavian countries. Some requires you to have a local mobile phone number for verification.

) and Becca made out with some dudes in front him- HSGG then left with the same girl and did [unknown] with her, HS's girlfriend dumped him and now he's back at his parent's house.- Lapaka leaves CRS, talks shit on the way out Then Chaox gets drunk and does crazy shit on his stream. just read the thread. Seems this girl left with HSGG and they did a bit more than kiss. Holy shit, I realized yesterday that Hotshot was no longer with his girlfriend after I saw him streaming at his parents house and he mentioned that he's "le single." Didn't realize it was because he fucking cheated on her. There's a difference between "this was probably not a good thing to do" and "OMG GIRLS SUCK SEE THEY DO THIS SHIT ALL THE TIME".

Apparent;y HSGG needs a new gf now, as the previous one left him after hearing about the incident. In a few years someone should make all this shit into a movie.edit:imo, Becca needs to realize that making out with a ton of dudes who are in competitive lol is a bit silly and makes you look like a slut. It's especially terrible in the reddit thread.

Most of them are looking for real love even if they are strange.

Keep in mind that the Scandinavians can appear quite different depending on country.

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