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Not as big a waste as Brokeback Hoedown with Austin & Santino that came on afterwards, but almost. (Must have been the camera crew and lights.) Another ridiculous element.

From what I could tell, the majority of the extra 30 minutes involved hearing all 17 of the dubiously-talented designers talk about their look as it came down the runway. Heidi tells the designers that the first challenge will be an extension of their audition process. The only difference between this first challenge and the first challenges of the previous 7 seasons is that: 1) they did not meet on a rooftop and toast with champagne beforehand; 2) they only had 5 hours to work.

Season 11 (aka 'Teams')Maybe it seemed like a good, or at least dramatic, idea at the time, but "Teams" was a problematic concept for a full season.

It brought out the worst of the show without really giving the designers a chance to be truly creative and show their individual talents to the audience. Swatch (the dog at the NYC Mood), the heart of the show, wasn't there and things just weren't the same in L. There weren't too many standout moments this year, other than eventual winner Irina Shabayeva getting the nickname "Meana Irina" even though she wasn't even that mean... Season 9The 2011 season had a tough start when we had to watch the 20 designers pitch themselves to the panel to earn one of the 16 spots. But it was really frustrating that so much of this season focused on Anya Ayoung-Chee having no sewing experience and not even knowing how to make a sleeve.

After the reality show ended, the five graduates were invited back to FIDM to take part in a panel to discuss their success and answer students’ questions.

Everyone said yes, except for Santino and the event took place without him. Even though he lives in the area, Santino wanted his Alma Mater to fork over 00 for his appearance!

The high point of the show came when Heidi implied that more than one designer would be eliminated.

First of all you need to be aware that there will be nary a leggy German supermodel with a proclivity towards short hems in sight, nor a dashing and debonair silver-haired bespectacled and impeccably dressed mentor who's been known to give out hugs on occasion, nor a famed designer who can cut one dead with merely a sentence tossed their way.

I just launched a collectible line of greeting cards for the stationery company Papyrus and am working on new design ideas for their new brand Niquea. And, believe it or not, I wish I'd had the potato-sack dress challenge. I made clothes for my Barbie when I was a little girl.

's Andy South was a season 8 finalist who was an outwardly gay man.

And now, the Hawaiian designer has completed the transition into turning into a woman, confirming the news on her Facebook page and changing her name to Nong Ariyaphon Southiphong.

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