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Zulkifly Josuf during a parliamentary debate said that women as wife’s must not say no to sex when requested by their husbands.

He further added that this could result in psychological problems for men.

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“There is a certain group of Ghanaian women who are now seeing themselves reflected on TV: Young, modern, working,” says Maame Adjei, who plays Zainab, one of the five main characters.Bringing women together Creator and writer Nicole Amatafio believes that their multicultural backgrounds are what appeals to many of the show’s fans. But the show’s writers want to provoke that debate.“My favourite comment on Youtube was a woman who wrote: ‘I’m Puerto Rican, born in New York but live in Italy, and what do I have in common with all these women? “It is so crucial for us to create space to have honest conversations about sex in a society and culture like Ghana where women are really shamed and judged for even having a sexuality,” says Esther Yarmah, a script supervisor on “An African City”.Though men are physically and emotionally stronger than women but are subjected to violence at home and this can be distressing.“Wives hurt or abuse their husbands in an extreme manner.” They insult their husbands and refuse sexual needs is a form of harassment.

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