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These days, however, Paige is dating Alberto Del Rio, a former WWE wrestler who left the company in 2016. Del Rio’s father is José Luis Rodríguez Arellano, also known as Dos Caras, a wrestler who was especially active in the 1970s, performing with Mexico’s Universal Wrestling Alliance. Rather, they frequently share photos together on social media and gush about one another.Paige, meanwhile, is the daughter of wrestlers Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya. In December 2016, Paige posted a long love note about Del Rio on Twitter, saying that he is the perfect family man and that she finally found someone who is real.

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Since then we have helped thousands of travelers, received a few awards and honors... Read More Whether we are talking about beaches, attractions, bars, shopping, or night clubs, we always have first-hand impressions to share.When you enter the Rio you simply head to the elevators and press the button for the fifth floor.Rio Spa is without a doubt one of the nicest saunas in the Special Administrative Region of Macau.Matthew Hollis (Michael Caine) is married to Karen (Valerie Harper), and father to teenaged daughter, Nikki (Demi Moore).Victor (Joseph Bologna), Matthew's colleague and best friend, who is going through a divorce, is father to 17-year-old Jennifer (Michelle Johnson).

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